22 juli 2007

Blogging by Mail: A few of my favorite things

I took part in ‘Blogging by Mail – A few of my favorite things’. Food bloggers around the world prepare a package of things that they like and exchange it with other food bloggers. This time 60 bloggers signed up!

I shipped my package last Wednesday and just after I returned from the post office, the doorbell rang: the postman with a huge package (+ a little package from Amazon.com, but that is another story….). I was happily surprised to see that it was a Blogging By Mail package. Huge surprise, I didn't expect my package so soon! In fact, my package was the first one to arrive☺.

I received a package from Breadchick of The Sour Dough and she surprised me with ‘Boston in a box’. The first thing was a lovely letter which included what was inside and a description of the products. She loves the cuisine of New England and Boston so she decided to send me local brands. Also she sends me some regional magazines, a little cookbook of traditional New England food and a 2008 calendar of pictures of Boston. I love all of this package! Blogging by Mail is such a great thing, it's so nice to taste local food from different places.

Nabisco Pilot Crackers
Bells Seasoning
B&M Baked Beans
Looks Clam Showder
Olde Cape Cod Cranberry Spread
B&M Brown Bread with Raisins
Regional magazines
Cookbook of traditional New England food

Thank you Breadchick for the beautiful ‘Boston in a box’ and also thanks to Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness, the hostess, for organizing this round of Blogging by Mail. Count me in for the next BBM! It's fun.

2 opmerkingen:

breadchick zei

Arden, you are so very welcome! I had so much fun putting together the "Boston in Box" for you. I am so glad you are enjoying a taste of New England and I'm glad to have met you this way.


koken in de buurt zei

Joh, wat een leuk initiatief! En wat een leuke spulletjes allemaal.
Kan iedereen daar aan meedoen?
Goh, lekker, clam chowder. Zijn ze al gerookt? ;-)